Retrofit Your Existing Lock Box

With over 400 different versions, our locks can retrofit your existing lock boxes.

Manage Access

Smart keys can be assigned to access specific locks during specific schedules.

Run Audit Reports

View detailed records of all access activity, including date and time.

The NarcLock Advantage


No wiring or power

Access locks with assigned smart keys

Use one key to access multiple locks

Disable lost keys

View all access activity


Narcotics Safes

Narcotics Safes

Lock Boxes

Lock Boxes

EMS Vehicles

EMS Vehicles

Medical File Cabinets

Medical File Cabinets

Medication Cabinets

Medication Cabinets

Medical Equipment Lockers

Medical Equipment Lockers




Wireless Technology

With no wiring or power needed, NarcLock’s cylinders can retrofit your existing lock hardware saving you time and money. The NarcLock system will also continue to work during power outages.

High Security Electronic Locks

With over 400 different lock versions to choose from, NarcLock can be used to secure almost anything. The cylinders can only be accessed by authorized NarcLock smart keys and cannot be picked using tradition locking picking methods.

Programmable Smart Keys

NarcLock’s rechargeable smart keys are programmed with access permissions and schedules for each individual user. If a smart key attempts access outside of its assigned permissions, access is denied.

Audit Reports

Electronic audit trail in key stores 3,000 unique access events while the audit trail in the lock stores 1,500. So each time access is attempted, a detailed record will be kept, even if access is denied. Now you can see who is going where and when.

Administrative Software

With NarcLock’s cloud based administrative software, organizations can add new employees, issue new keys, disable lost keys, create custom lock and employee tags, generate monthly access reports, and much more. 

Remote Programming

NarcLock’s cloud based administrative software can be accessed using desktops, laptops, tablets, and even cell phones. So you can make last minute changes like granting temporary access to a key, from anywhere in the world.

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